Who are we?

Red Core Solutions is a specialized high-end information technology corporation.

We are not just in the business of technology; we are the technologies of business.

  • You Inspire Us

    You Inspire Us

    As your custodians, it is our connection to you that drives us. Our work is motivated by your success, and in turn your success is the focus of our work.

  • Work to Become

    Work to Become

    We work to become, not to acquire. Excellence is not measured by what is accomplished. It is measured by how the accomplishment is earned.

  • Technology is an Art

    Technology is an Art

    It takes a creative human mind to truly see and create things that 1s and 0s cannot. The most important asset of technology isn't powerful computers; it's powerful ideas.

  • Focus on What is Important

    Focus on What is Important

    To focus is to understand value. We make it a point to first deliver what you need the most, because we make it our priority to know yours.