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The HR Portal is your company’s one-stop web app solution to digitizing your HR department. Through the Portal, your HR staff can manage the employee directory and their 201 files. Employees can also log in and use the portal to file attendance-related requests (e.g. leaves, overtime, shift changes). Several other features are on the way, such as expense reimbursement requests (for employees on the go), a “who’s out” calendar that will tell you who’s on leave at a glance, equipment accountability management (if you assign equipment like laptops or vehicles to your employees), daily accomplishment reports (to keep track of what your employees do on a daily basis), and timekeeping features (which allow you to see how long your employees spend on each of their tasks). The HR Portal will also be able to provide you with an internal company newsfeed and SMS notifications (for live announcements and reminders).


Employee Profile

  • Employee Code
  • Employee Name
  • Email Address
  • Position
  • Manager
  • Department/Team

Company Directory

Who’s Out

Filing of Leave

Filing of Overtime

Change Schedule


Admin Profile

Employee Management

  • Add Employee
  • Edit Employee Info
  • Deactivate Employee
  • Benefits

Pending Requests

  • Pending Leave Requests
  • Pending Overtime Requests
  • Pending Change of Schedule Requests

Approved Requests

  • Approved Leave Requests
  • Approved Overtime Requests
  • Approved Change of Schedule Requests


  • Leave Reports
  • Overtime Reports
  • Change of Schedule Reports


Get AMPT! This piece of software uses fingerprint biometrics to collect the time-in and time-out information of your employees. Say goodbye to punch cards and logbooks. Save time by letting your employees use their fingerprints to start and end their shifts and/or breaks. Your HR personnel no longer need to worry about collecting logbooks from different areas because the system can be centralized. What’s more, you can connect the AMPT to the RCS HR Portal, which will allow you to monitor attendance live! Finally, get rid of cumbersome payroll processes, because AMPT can also do that for you. Generating payslips for all your employees based on their individual attendance records can be done at the click of a single button.


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